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The MA Acoustic Ensemble 2014-15: Phantom Bass is a neo-folk band that takes inspiration from various acoustic bands including Mumford & Sons, Brown Bird and The Lone Bellow. They enjoy experimenting with various acoustic styles new and old, and work to incorporate a variety of instruments and consistent three and four-part harmonies. After a small hiccup with whooping cough, the band has come back with a full recovery. They had a successful first concert in January 2015, featuring six pieces that represented a variety of folk styles, including “Hopeless Wanderer” by Mumford and Sons and “Armada” by the Ballroom Thieves. They aim to play a similarly versatile set in the spring, incorporating instruments such as the banjo, the mandolin, and the accordion. They are an extremely close-knit group that supports each other and fosters a sense of support and growth. The band features Ruth on guitar and vocals, Katarina on vocals, Jake on guitar, Connor on bass, Sam on drums, Katrina on vocals, and Frances on piano/accordion and vocals.





  • Ruth - vocals and guitar
  • Katarina - vocals
  • Jake - guitar
  • Connor - bass
  • Sam - drums
  • Katrina - vocals
  • Frances - piano, accordion, vocals

Created On: 2015-02-04