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About Summer Music

SUMMER 2016: JUNE 13-23

Marin Academy Summer Music (aka MASM - pronounced mazzum) began in 2005. Summer 2014 saw a total of 40 students and 22 coaches and presenters. 

Join us at The Marin Academy Music Studio for Rock, Jazz, Bues & Soul, and World Music Camps led by MA Music Director Bob Schleeter with assistance from some incredible MA Music alums and current MA students.


David Sheff (father of then middle-schooler Jasper, and author of "All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono")
"Jas learned an enormous amount, and had great fun, in the course of a week. He was enormously inspired to do what he had been doing already at a higher level and also to try new things, including new musical styles. He seemed to appreciate on a deeper and more profound level the layers of a song. We were blown away by the result. The songs became a staple on our iPod.

The summer program inspires hard work, and love of learning. The teachers and coaches were wonderful and the young students really benefitted from working side by side with them. Many thumbs up."

Michael Nourafshan (then an MA senior and a regular coach in the program)
"I’ve learned more from teaching these kids than I could have possibly learned from any teacher"

Edan Flynn (then an 8th grader)
"I love the coaches. They were only a few years older than us and we could see what we could become."

Gabe Sherman (then an MA senior)
"For me the program was a great way to meet other musicians and actually come up with our own music. Before the summer program I had never had the chance to do that so it was a fun learning experience. I also got to work with people who I had never gotten to work with and wouldn't have if not for the program."

Karlyn Strand (mother of Erik, a regular coach in the program)
"My son has enjoyed coaching in Bob’s Summer Music Program for the past two years. Bob creatively teams the students and coaches so that every musician can explore and expand their musical talents within a supportive group. This special synergy allows each participant to lead as well as learn, so the students gain confidence while increasing their musical competence. What’s most fantastic is that all of this is accomplished while everyone has fun jamming!"

Karen Smidth (mother of Bendix Carrabetta, then a sophomore)
"The two music weeks were ‘ground breaking’ for Bendix. In a few days he was introduced to working in a band, working in a recording studio, and listening to other musicians. Bendix was inspired to expand his horizon and as I am writing these words I am listening to a new voice coming from his instrument…..and I know that this love was born during the summer program."